Why Choose Los Angeles Private Jet Rentals?

At Los Angeles Private Jet Rentals, we understand that flying is about far more than getting from A to B. We're committed to providing our clients with a 5-star experience in more ways than one. We're proud to offer point-to-point competitive prices for a premium, world-class experience.

Below, you can discover the qualities that set our service apart.

Our Standards

We never settle for second-best and believe our customers shouldn't have to either. At Los Angeles Private Jet Rentals, we hold ourselves to the very highest standards. From the professionals that pilot your trip to the rigorous safety standards we uphold every day, we compromise on nothing to bring you a level of service you'll never forget.

Our Promise

When you place your trust in Los Angeles Private Jet Rentals, we promise to repay your trust with our passion. With more than 3,000 planes to choose from in our fleet of private aircraft, we promise plenty of ways to personalize your trip. We're happy to accommodate you with several size options, including:

  • Super-light jet
  • Midsize jet
  • Long-range airliner

If you have special requests, our dedicated VIP concierge service will meet your every need at 30,000 feet, turning travel from a necessity into a luxury — no matter where you're flying.

Knowledge and Experience

At Los Angeles Private Jet Rentals, we know the skies like the back of our hand. We have more than 20 years' experience in the private jet sector, taking passengers worldwide with a wide range of aircraft.

Since our inception, we've been at the forefront of our industry and give our clients access to the latest technology and safety features. We know what it takes to provide the perfect flight, so kick back, relax, and let us show you what we do best.

We Make the World a Smaller Place

Seeing the world shouldn't mean having to battle airport traffic and security lines. With Los Angeles Private Jet Rentals, you can fly anywhere in the world from your chosen Los Angeles airport. Whether you're flying for a work event in a different state or traveling to the French Riviera on vacation, we'll make sure you arrive in style.

Book Your Los Angeles Private Jet Rental Now

From San Francisco to St Petersburg, Barcelona to Dubai, we're happy to take you anywhere. Book a Los Angeles private jet rental today for a relaxing experience, accommodating staff, and flexible travel options.