Long-range Private Jets

Have you got a long-distance business trip to make? Perhaps you think a private jet wouldn't be able to take you across the Atlantic?

Think again, with our selection of long-range jets available for private rental, you can travel distances of up to 11,000km in comfort and style.

Our high-performance jets offer the very best in private air travel, so get in touch today for a personalized quote.

The Perks of Long-range Private Jets

If you are looking to reduce travel time, it's a great idea to choose one of these jets. A long-range private jet can travel longer distances, offering non-stop travel rather than having long stopovers to refuel.

So, passengers can arrive at their destination quicker and also feeling more refreshed thanks to the cabin spaciousness.

Travelers can still enjoy the luxury of a smaller private jet, with these long-distance models offering everything you would expect to find, such as well-stocked galleys and modern entertainment systems.

Our Available Long-range Private Jets

Ready to find your ideal long-range private jet? Read on to discover what's on offer.

Global Express XRS

The Bombardier Global Express is one of the most luxurious and capable private jets in the aviation industry. With a range of 11,000km, it can travel approximately the distance between Los Angeles and Hong Kong without a layover.

Unlike many other business jets, the XRS boasts a huge luggage compartment and a futuristic entertainment system for long-haul trips.

Global 5000

The Bombardier Global 5000 allows passengers to travel in comfort thanks to the three-cabin zones. Unlike many other jets, this Bombardier is well-insulated to give a quiet flight.

Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650ER is the longest-range private jet produced by this manufacturer, with a range of 7500 nm. So, it can fly intercontinental distances with the flexibility to avoid unwanted layovers.

The cabin of the Gulfstream G650ER is pressurized to 3000 feet, rather than the 6-8000 feet of a commercial airliner, leaving passengers feeling comfortable upon arrival at their destination.

Falcon 8X

The Dassault Falcon 8X is a popular business jet as it offers Wi-Fi on board. The guest cabin on this aircraft is quiet and offers high air quality, creating the perfect atmosphere for working on the flight.

Falcon 7X

The Dassault Falcon 7X connects airports around the world - this jet can travel almost 6000 nautical miles on single flights.

With a cruise speed of 480 kts, the 12 passengers will arrive at their destination in no time on this private jet charter.

Global 6000

The Bombardier Global 6000 is this air carrier's flagship business jet. It offers a huge range of 6055 nautical miles and a top cruise speed of 511 kts.

For a truly luxurious experience on non-stop flights, a mobile device can be used to control various aspects of the cabin.

Gulfstream G550/GV

This ultra-long-range jet can carry passengers from Los Angeles to Dubai without a layover, thanks to the large fuel capacity. Aviation experts highly rank the two Rolls Royce engines found on this aircraft.